Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we hear. If you need further assistance we are here to help! Just give our studio a call at (443)863-8310.


How should I dress my child?

This is one of the best questions to ask! How you dress your child will have extraordinary impact on your portrait quality. Please check at your school for a sample of the background. ( normally available on the posters throughout the school ) In general:

  • Fall/Winter: solid earth tones with long sleeves and pants or skirts/dresses with tights work best.

  • Spring: Solid light colors or simple patterns work best.

  • Summer: Check with your school to find out what type of Picture Day they have scheduled.


Will you photograph siblings together?

Picture Me Perfect Studios loves to provide individual and sibling ( up to 4 children) portraits whenever the schedule permits. Please check with your school to see if sibling portraits are an option.


When do I get my pictures?

Your portrait proofs arrive approximately one week after Picture Day!
We normally allow 3-4 business days to complete your order.
Finished portraits usually arrive 1 week after we receive the orders from your school.


How do I order my portraits?

Once you receive your portrait proofs, your order form will be on the rear side of the order envelope.


  • Review your proofs and package options then simply select your pose(s) and photo products on the order form.

  • Enclose your payment. (Cash, Money Order, Check, Visa / Mastercard accepted)

  • Return your order to your school by the order deadline. There are no refunds on style options so please see the flyer and proof sheet style options to be certain of your choices.

  • If you prefer you can order online via our online ordering tab.


How do I order Add-ons?

  • Simply select a full-priced package.

  • Select any additional discount packages, add-ons or portrait products that you want.


May I order additional packages of different poses and still take the discount?



May my add-ons be different poses?



May I take the discount on sibling poses?

Yes! Of course!


May I take the discount if my proofs are on two different envelopes?

Yes! Simply attach the orders together and complete one order form for both envelopes so we can be certain to apply the appropriate discounts.


Which package do I take the discount on?

If you order two different packages, you will pay full price for the highest priced package and take the discount on the less expensive package.


May I order more than one package at the discount?

Absolutely! You only pay full price for the first package. Additional packages are all discounted unless otherwise specified.


Can I use my credit card?

Yes. Simply complete the credit card section of your order form. Please take care with your addition as we must have a signature authorizing the FULL amount to be charged. If there is a discrepancy, you may need to fax an additional authorization to complete your order. We are cautious with your credit cards and want to make sure that all charges are accurate and remembered.


What happens if I receive a letter or message that you need to speak with me?

Just give us a call at (443)863-8310 and ask for the Financial Department. This is the department that processes the orders. Normally, they just need some clarification or additional information in order to process your order. The quicker you get in touch with us, the quicker we can complete your order. Please keep in mind that even when issues are clarified, your orders may be received after the rest of the school because all other orders are already being processed.


What happens if I missed the deadline?

No problem! Simply submit your order via our online ordering system.

Can I make copies of my portraits?

All proofs, images and portraits are copyright protected so all prints must be acquired from Picture Me Perfect Studios. However, we offer  digital files of your images on a custom Picture Me Perfect Studios USB device with a copyright release for purchase. You are purchasing full rights to the portrait along with all future printing potential of that image for whatever you wish to use it for.


What is the quality of the images on the custom USB device?

Images purchased with a copyright release on a custom USB device are the full, un-cropped color images captured. Each image is approximately a 4 MB JPEG, capable of making prints up to a 16X20 or larger.


Why didn't I get pictures?

If you are missing portraits it is normally due to one of the following reasons:


  • Pose selections were not made

  • Order was miscalculated and we need to confirm before processing

  • Order submitted after deadline

  • Check or Credit Card Form was not signed

  • Non-Sufficient Fund or Credit Card Decline awaiting resolution

  • Payment was incomplete. A partial order may be sent out and the remainder is awaiting further payment

  • Order unclear, awaiting verification

  • Problem was cleared up but orders were already submitted for the rest of school so the portrait order is being processed and will be sent as soon as completed


Are there retakes?

We typically visit our schools one time in the Fall and one time in the Spring or Summer, so check with your school to see when your next Picture Day is.


Can I have my portrait taken with my child?



If I have several proofs to choose, can I take mix images to add up to one complete package price?

No, mixing of packages is not allowed.  However, you will receive a 50% discount on all complete portrait packages after you purchase one complete portrait package.


How do I get a refund?

We are confident you will be satisfied with the quality of our products and we back this with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you would like information on refunds, please contact our Customer Care Department at (443)863-8310.