4 Step Proof System

Receive your Picture Me Perfect Studios prep packet with everything you will need to inform your parents about the upcoming portrait day.

Now it's portrait day! Our child friendly photographer will arrive on time and photograph every child on multiple backdrops with different poses. On picture day, there is no writing down the names of the children nor the hassle of collecting any money!

Your multiple pose proofs will arrive in approximately 7 business days after portrait day. Simply distribute them to your student's parents in their cubbies or backpacks. There is never any obligation to purchase! If they choose to place an order they can simply return the completed order form with payment to your school by the order deadline or order their children's portraits online to be shipped to any address within the continental USA (shipping fee will be assessed). You will be provided a prepaid FEDEX pack to send the completed order forms back to our offices as well as a Picture Me Perfect Studios representative will arrange the FEDEX pickup for you.

Proof Sample

Your finished portraits arrive approximately 7 business days after we receive your proofs. All orders are full-filled within easy to distribute window envelopes.