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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we hear. If you need further assistance we are here to help! Just give our studio a call at...(407) 614-4644.


Why should I pick Picture Me Perfect Studios?

There are points of difference in our program that we believe will best serve your parents. You are welcome to explore our site or contact us at (407) 614-4644 to discover if ours are the best solutions for your school and parents. The most important reason however, is that our company is made up of individuals that care about each and every one of you. We still believe every school will always be a client so we want to make you happy each and every Picture Day. We are dedicated to you, your staff, your children and your parents.


How far in advance should I schedule my Picture Day?

In order to get the most preferred dates for your school, we recommend scheduling 6-9 months in advance. However, we try to accommodate all requests as long as we have availability.


Do you do Graduation Portraits?

Yes! We do graduation portraits in Cap & Gowns at the same time we do your Spring Portraits and parents can choose Grad Scrapbook pages, Announcements and Graduation Borders that complement the special event and the culmination of your relationship with your client.


What kind of portraits do you take?

 Picture Me Perfect Studios offers two different styles of school portraits. We have our "boutique" line of sets as well as " traditional" scenic sets as well. Our aim is to please! Whichever style you choose we are sure your parents will be pleased.


How much time should I schedule for each class?

It depends on the age of the children and the size of the group. Your photographer will be ready to begin photographing approximately 40 minutes after arrival. You may use the following as a general guide:

  • Ten-Twelve Infants: Please allow approximately 30 minutes.

  • Ten - Twelve Pre-Toddlers (One year to 23 months): Please allow twenty-five minutes.

  • Ten- Twelve Toddlers (Two / Three Years): Please allow twenty minutes.

  • Four Years Plus: Please allow one minute per child plus ten minutes at the end of the group to catch up due to shy or children with additional needs.

Photographers each have different strengths but this should serve as a general guide for scheduling purposes.


If my school is scheduled over two or more days How should I organize it?

Please contact our studio at (407) 614-4644 for customized assistance with this question.


Do my staff members get discounts on their portraits?

Yes! We know that your staff works hard to serve your children and parents and we want to acknowledge them! Our staff appreciation program allows your full time staff members to order portraits of themselves or their child(ren) at an incredible discount! They also receive free class portraits of their class! Simply indicate on the order form which orders are from your staff. Discount information will be sent with your portrait previews as a reminder about this program!


How do my parents know what to do for Picture Day?

  • We take care of everything for you! We send out signs to post around your school advertising the date.

  • Letters for your parents that they can post on their fridge giving them the date and quick facts about Picture Day

  • Stickers to put on the children the day before Picture Day as an extra reminder for your busy Moms and Dads!


What do I do if I have a parent with a question?

We will take care of it all! Have them contact us at (407) 614-4644 and we will be happy to assist them. We feel that great communication helps to avoid problems, so any and all questions are welcome! Please note that some information is subject to privacy laws, so our direct communication with you regarding financial information and ordering may be limited but we will do our best to give you as much information as you need to make sure that we are serving your clients well.


How can I receive information on commission opportunities?

Please e-mail us or call (407) 614-4644 and ask for Sales.


How can I find out more about portraits for my school?

For portrait program information, please e-mail us or call

 (407) 614-4644 and ask for Sales.


I have scheduled a picture day.  What do I do next?

Please review our Picture Program Link. If you have additional questions, call your Customer Service Specialist

at (407) 614-4644.


Can you photograph infants?

Yes, our photographers are specially trained and equipped to photograph infants.


Can my staff members have their portrait taken with their child?



How many backgrounds/poses are offered?

We offer multiple backgrounds and poses with or without group each season. 


What do we do if some students were missing on picture day?

Please contact our Scheduling Department at (407) 614-4644 to inquire about retake possibilities.


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